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Nofey-Habsor Comprehensive School, established in 2009


Fulfillment of a Dream

Our school is the unification of two separate student populations in the Eshkol Regional council: "Habsor", the school built for students living in Moshav communities and "Ma'ale Habsor",the school serving students living on kibbutzim in the area. The two were finally united after years of dreams and active pursuit of initiatives and planning by parents, community members, the Local Council and the Ministry of Education.


Six-Year Curriculum

Nofey-Habsor offers a six-year High School curriculum, drawing enrollment from a variety of sources: two Eshkol Regional Elementary schools, another from Ramat Negev, pupils from all over the region who require placement in Special Education classes, and regular enrollment from students in the Negev. Student population numbers at about 967 from 42 communities with a staff of about 140 teachers and workers.

As the sole Regional School in the area, we offer a variety of educational programs  geared towards our students ' personal development and  fulfillment of individual potential in a quest for excellence.  Nofey-Habsor places particular emphasis on high educational standards and participation in cultural events, while developing personal and interpersonal relationships to forge an integrated social whole. We value each and every student's voice. This is actualized through a curriculum that addresses a wide range of abilities, needs and aspirations of our students.



Nofey-Habsor  offers a network of professional counselors for those in need of support whether it be in their academic studies or emotional and social spheres.  Along with the usual consultation and assistance facilities, we offer remediation by a staff of counselors, psychologists and educators. Our particular needs  stem from the accumulated daily stress of living under constant fire for many years here in the area surrounding Gaza ('Otef Aza"), only a few kilometers from the border.


School Philosophy

Our educational philosophy in Nofey-Habsor is actualized on a daily basis by our educators and teachers who refuse to "give up" on any student. We are proud of our skilled, dedicated and caring staff, offering acceptance and support while setting clear boundaries and consistently defining rights and obligations.

Choice of 'Major' in High School


In high school, a variety of fields of study are available. Students interested in studying technology may choose from Communication courses such as film and television production, or Journalism; Auto mechanics or Design in Art, Photography, or Fashion. Students geared more towards the Humanities or Science may choose from Theoretical Physics, Chemistry, Computer Science, Biology, Israeli Philosophy, Literature, Historic dissertations, Arabic, Translation, etc.


Special Programs


Nofey-Habsor offers educational solutions for students requiring more specific help. We offer the "Mellal" program, separate special education classes, smaller 'Etgar" ('Challenged") classes, and "Mabar", a program targeted towards success in the Matriculation Exams. The Learning Center provides regular reinforcement tutorials as well as specific tutorials before matriculation exams. We also have two Relaxation Rooms, staffed by therapists and counselors, where we provide therapy and alternate programs for students in need.

Hi-Tech Education


In establishing our new school, we went with a hi-tech, Third-generation wireless infrastructure.  We are continually implementing innovation in our instruction methods to provide the highest level of methodology adapted to the digital era of the 21st Century. All of our classrooms are provided with interactive whiteboards, projectors and frontal computers. Our teachers undergo continual training to maximize available technology. As well, our junior high students in the eighth grade are provided with iPads to be used in a number of ways, including digital textbooks as well as interactive tasks. We are expanding the number of recipients of tablets as we receive feedback from students and teachers.

Active school site


We have a constantly updated school site. Teachers of all subjects can upload learning materials and administer homework assignments and interactive forums with their students. The site also keeps parents, students and teachers up-to-date regarding current school activities.   


Online Information


Our school utilizes 'Mashov' a computerized feedback system which not only records attendance and grades but also behavioural data. This allows for full disclosure regarding a student's in-school functioning, as well as an efficient channel through which parents and students can communicate with teachers.

Education in Social Values


Our ultimate educational goal is to teach students to be compassionate human beings.  We offer seminars at each grade level: "Roots", Respect for Human Dignity, Minorities, Being a good citizen, the Israeli Process, the Journey to Poland, and others.

In Junior High, during each semester, a student selects a weekly workshop from a variety of choices. Throughout the year, there are several focus weeks on issues such as democracy, health, sustainability and the environment, holidays and events. We mark special occasions of note in morning assemblies, both specific to Junior High and school-wide. Other annual events include Army Preparation for students in grades 11 and 12, class trips, volunteer activities, prevention programs led by counselors, and special recess activities. We also include Art Days and Driver Education.  Cultural events, such as theater and musical performances, are featured throughout the year.  We also have active musical ensembles at each grade level.

About our Workshops

Fully accredited in informal education, the Instructors involved in these extra activities work closely with the School to provide students with a fresh point of view that is both youthful and rich with ethical value.


Giving back to the Community


As part of the school curriculum, all students in grades 10 and 11 work in their communities for a few hours each week. They may choose to work in industry or agriculture; as volunteer trainers; with Magen David Adom; as educational assistants to students in need, or in other spheres.


Bikorim, our Music School

2014-15 has marked the Inaugurative year of our new Music School, Bikorim. This innovative program offers a high-quality music school to students located far from city-based Music schools as well as the talented students from the South.


Fully approved by the Ministry of Education, the school offers dormitory living allowing students to concentrate on their regular school curriculum as well as practical and academic courses in music studies.


The school has absorbed students from ninth and tenth grades, who study under highly accredited teachers. Amikam Kimmelman, of the Rimon School of Music, Ramat Hasharon, is the Musical Supervisor.


Students perform regularly in a number of venues including in-school events and performances outside of school. In the coming school year, Bikorim is expanding to include an Art Department.


This exciting addition to Nofey-Habsor's cultural dimension has enriched the lives of all.


Summing Up

At Nofey-Habsor, our educational goal is to help our students in developing a sense of belonging while strengthening their individual competence in many fields.  We strive to teach them to develop the ability to exercise judgment, gaining the skills necessary to make good choices based on sensitivity and respect for others.  Our goal is to educate our students to deal with whatever life offers in an informed way.


Zmira Ben-Yosef
School Principal

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